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Medical Astrology Specialist Astrologer helps diagnosis of diseases, which is the most important part of medical treatment. Vedic science helps projecting effects of planets on human body where rising sign or ascendant of horoscope plays a big role. The Sun and the Moon are the two important factors in a human horoscope with reference to rising signs to diagnose diseases in a human body. The Sun plays the principal role in the horoscope of a male, whereas the Moon in a female determines physical strength and weakness. The planets, according to their position of exaltation or debilitation cause diseases. A brief discussion has been made below to identify planets having domination on different organs of a human body and responsible for causing diseases. Moreover, each and every day remains under domination of one or two constellations and those constellation remain remain under influence of different planets. Thus, every constellation projects different organs to rule remaining parts. Time of transition of a constellation to another often plays the key role in diagnosing diseases. Medical astrology reports Autism, IVF, narcolepsy and surgery in the light of Indian astrology online which may help medical treatment effectively.

Each and every organ of human remains under domination of a particular planet. Medical astrology projects astral features of a human body beginning with the analysis of different organs with respect to its dependence under different planets and diseases. In the sketch aside we have tried to differentiate our body into 12 parts and their dependence on different planets individually as well as collectively. We will now start to learn the 12 classifications of human body and the planets concerned to act over those and also discover tremendous similarity of the nature and feature of the planets with respect to the corresponding organs of our body. The medical analysis could be read as follows :-

  • Head and Brain: Mars
  • Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat: Venus
  • Heart and Lungs: Mercury
  • Hands: Moon
  • Upper abdomen: Sun
  • Lower abdomen: Mercury
  • Genital organs - Venus
  • Rectum and Anus: Pluto and Mars
  • Thigh: Jupiter
  • Knee: Saturn
  • Leg: Uranus and Saturn
  • Feet: Neptune and Jupiter
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